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What Makes Us Different?

We have an outstanding track record in all aspects of geriatric care coordination.

If care giving is needed, we serve as a referral source for independent care providers who have the skill set and interpersonal style most compatible with the client and their unique need. We continue to monitor and address all health care issues and provide regular updates to client families. We succeed because we take a proactive role in exploring clinical changes to avoid visits to the Emergency Department.

Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients and lessen the impact of their condition on their families.

Our Process

At Elder Care Consultants of Boston we begin our process with a comprehensive initial consultation. A Clinical Nurse Specialist meets with the client to perform a clinical assessment.

Home Support

Our model of home support is unique. We are not a home care agency. The client becomes the employer and maintains the authority to retain or dismiss any independent care provider we may recommend at any time. We serve as a referral source to assist you in finding a care giver that matches the interpersonal style and skill set needed for maximum comfort and success.

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