Providing A Comprehensive Nursing Care Plan For Alzheimers Patients

“Mary, on behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you for all your help and guidance. My Mom is off to a great start at her new home at Whitney Place. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you anytime”

(Placed a woman from out of state at a local facility close to her son’s home in Massachusetts)

“I think of you immediately when someone with mental health issues comes through my door. Your compassion and professional expertise are the key ingredients to a successful outcome”

(Elder Care Attorney)

Home Support

The professional caregivers from Elder Care Consultants of Boston understand the need to balance the complexities of Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic illnesses and mental health issues with maintaining a sense of independence and dignity. That is why we take care to design individualized care plans for all of our clients, taking into consideration their unique needs and requirements.

Elder Care Consultants of Boston is more than just an elder care service. Our professional caregivers also provide companionship and intellectual stimulation to our clients. We assist with daily chores such as laundry and meal preparation and will be there for your loved ones when they need someone to talk to. Trust Elder Care Consultants of Boston to deliver highly personalized services with your family members’ best interests at heart. Below is a list of services our professional caregivers can provide:

  • Personal and medical care
  • Household chores including cleaning and meal preparation
  • Errands, including grocery shopping
  • Social interaction and intellectual stimulation
  • Escort to medical appointments and events

What Makes Us Different?

Elder Care Consultants of Boston believes that eldercare is not one-size-fits-all. The ideal caregiver will have a unique connection with your loved one to serve their individual needs. We’re not here to disrupt your family member’s life; instead, we aim to make it better. Rest assured that our independent care providers will respect your loved one’s style of living as we care for them. Our goal is to keep them comfortable and feeling secure with a trustworthy companion.

Throughout the process, Elder Care Consultants of Boston continues to monitor the healthcare of your loved one and provide regular updates to you and your family for peace of mind. Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients and reduce the stress and worry on their families.

Our Process

The Clinical Nurse Specialists at Elder Care Consultants of Boston work closely with your loved ones to ensure that they are properly taken care of in every regard. They listen closely to your loved one’s needs, making sure to consider their needs and preferences. The process begins with a comprehensive initial consultation, during which a specialist will evaluate the living style and needs of your loved one. We will then start looking for the best caregiver to respect your loved one’s specific needs to help them retain independence, live a life of dignity, and remain safe and healthy.

Home Support

At Elder Care Consultants of Boston, we practice a unique model of home support where you, the client, becomes the employer. While our professional caregivers are allocated based on their interpersonal style and skill set, you have the authority to retain or dismiss an independent care provider as they see fit. The comfort of your loved one and the success of the care they receive remain our number one priority. By working with Elder Care Consultants of Boston, you can feel confident that you are in full control to personalize your loved ones’ care at any time.