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Providing A Comprehensive Nursing Care Plan in Mansfield Center MA For Alzheimers Patients

“Mary, on behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you for all your help and guidance. My Mom is off to a great start at her new home at Whitney Place. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you anytime”

(Placed a woman from out of state at a local facility close to her son’s home in Massachusetts)

“I think of you immediately when someone with mental health issues comes through my door. Your compassion and professional expertise are the key ingredients to a successful outcome”

(Elder Care Attorney)

Home Support

At Elder Care of Boston, we are here to support you and your loved ones in times of difficult transition or hardship with our comprehensive home care services. If you have a loved one that is struggling to meet their everyday routines like they used to, they may be in need of support from our team of professionals. We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to the needs of each and every individual through a comprehensive initial screening, reference and CORI background check. Through these methods we will be able to professionally determine the needs and level of care that would be appropriate.

Trust that the comfort level of our client and their family’s is our top priority, and top determining factor for the level of home support that we will provide. Your loved one’s experience will be fully personalized from a companion at home, to helping them with completing their day to day tasks, to providing full care and attending medical appointments functioning as their clinical advocate. We recognize that when a loved one is faced with a diagnosis of dementia, alzheimer’s, or is in need of personalized geriatric at home care, the burden often lies with their loved ones to arrange their lives to meet these new needs. Our specialists are here to be the breath of fresh air that your family needs. While all of our specialists are masters in adult psychology and neurology, we pride ourselves in meeting the specific needs of each client and their unique situation by matching them with the appropriate caregiver to suit their interpersonal style and needs. If you are simply looking for a specialist to keep your loved one company while keeping their mind sharp with activities, like cooking and puzzles while you work, we are happy to be a warm and loving support. As your loved one progresses, we also specialize in providing day to day care and facilitating health care needs like doctor’s visits, checking their vitals, and checking their medicine intake as these things become more difficult.

Elder Care of Boston is unique in that we are not a home care agency. This allows you, as the client, to be completely in control. When partnering with us, you become the employer, and are therefore able to dismiss any independent care provider should you feel they are not the right fit. No one knows your loved one and their needs like you do. We believe in providing care that will facilitate the maximum comfort and success for our patients, and rely on your partnership and feedback to do so.

Maintain Your Loved One’s Independence

There is a unique benefit to keeping your loved one’s home for as long as it is safe. Whether transitioning from a hospital to home, or home to a hospital, our team strives to maintain the comforts of home for as long as possible. Until it is necessary, it is important to retain a sense of normalcy for as long as possible. Being in familiar surroundings will also facilitate your loved one’s desire for independence, they are more likely to remember their daily routine on their own in their own home.

Our home support services are mainly concerned with helping your loved one by making these daily tasks easier to navigate, and their surroundings more safe. Our specialists are here to ensure hazards are clear to prevent accidental injury, helping with medicine intake to ensure too much is not taken by mistake, and promptly locking it away, and acting as a bridge while you are away. Allow your loved one to enjoy the familiar sights, sounds, and smells of their own living room or their own kitchen. Patients with memory disorders such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s will often find themselves feeling confused or frustrated when they are unable to remember what they should be doing, or what is expected of them. Our model of home support works to maintain a sense of dignity when helping your loved ones through their time of transition allowing them as much agency and independence as they are able to. We will work to create routines while preserving existing routines to keep your loved ones feeling confident and in charge of their own lives while at home.

Our home support services begin as a referral source. Together we will choose the best Nursing Care Plan in Mansfield Center MA For Alzheimers strategy for your loved one based on the stage that they are in within their diagnosis. Start a conversation with us today to learn how we are able to help.

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